The Bretzel Bakery, Dublin

"If only, everybody would do something like that!"

"Streamline has truly revolutionised our business.

As Managing Director of the Bretzel Bakery, I would like to personally advocate and thank Mountain Stream, specifically Adam and Axel for their work, dedication and continued support.

They've proved to be reliable, integral partners of the Bretzel Bakery. They've brought us much more than just software.

We are delighted with the system at every level, the bakery staff, the office, the management team - and of tantamount importance - all of our customers."

  • William Despard

    Managing Director

  • The Bretzel Bakery

    Portobello, Dublin. est. 1870

"It's much easier, instead of relying on a phone call to place the order...

...and the invoices, it's been great, you don't have to rely on, again, that phone call, waiting for a few days or a week or so for them to send the documentation that you need it's already there in the system."

  • Gerardette Mc Kee

    Bretzel's Customer

  • Lime Tree Cafe

    Dublin, Ireland

"I am really impressed with the ease of use and speed of the system.


Chris Brennan

Managing Director

Pump Street Bakery

Orford, England

Corey Fechner


Apex Bakery

Tannuda, Australia

"I really do love your work and appreciate all the extra bits you've done for me."

"Streamline has many great features that save us lot's of time.

The software greatly improves communications amongst the team and with our customers.

We have had unparalleled support. Our customers are delighted and so are we.

It is easy to learn and not only does it save us countless, tedious admin hours, it makes the job fun!

I highly recommend Mountain Stream for their customer service"

  • Chris Robinson


  • Chalk Hills Bakery

    Surrey, England

Kelly Fischer

General Manager

Old School Bakery

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The Old School Bakery is a small bakery (part of a restaurant group) in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

We are one of the first customers for Mountain Stream since February of 2014.

Not everything has always operated perfectly but the team is great about getting back with answers whenever we send questions. There have been some hiccups with the system itself, but nothing detrimental, and we have had a plethora of questions and changes in our own operations.

Every time we have a question it is always answered promptly by Adam and Axel.

It is a good piece of software that has helped us organize and maintain our wholesale customer's orders well. They seem to be constantly working to develop new features.

We definitely recommend the software to every bakery like ours!